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We're based in London and started our journey at the beginning of 2017 making custom jerseys for fandoms that we thought weren't being represented enough and also collaborating with some amazing artists from across the world to showcase their artwork at Comic Cons across the UK.

We believe Fanverse London is the home of fandoms alike,  whether its on AO3 (yes we love the fluff, angst and slow burn), Tumblr and everything in between.

Whether its that ship everyone is talking about, or your favourite OTP, is it canon? we will try our best to express it through our apparel.


We think its totally OK to have crushes on comic book characters, we do too!

Fanverse London is made by fans for fans

If there is a particular fandom you would like to see on our site please get in touch with us.



We can help you level up and gain more XP by having your artwork printed, whether it be on merchandise or in print.

Whether you would like to create a custom one of a kind piece or bulk collections we can help you and each purchase will support you as an artist.

We want to this place to be somewhere you can express yourselves through your artwork and share it.


We want to make your artwork a reality!


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